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Jobs in Charlotte NC
A new resource is now available to job-hunters in the Charlotte NC area. It is a website that provides a combination of job listings, employment agency listings, and job-hunting advice. The website can be seen at Jobs Charlotte NC

The site includes two easy ways to find appropriate job listings - browse and search. Links are provided to enable browsing by multiple categories - for example, by job title, by organization name, by job type, and so on. The search facility allows searching by keywords.

The site is also useful to employers, because it offers the ability to list an open position. Since the site is affiliated with a large jobs database, all open positions posted will potentially be listed also on a large number of other sites.

People searching for jobs may do well to set their sights on industries that have remained stable or are experiencing growth. These may include:
- Health care (nursing, caregiving, special care, medicine, physical therapy and other support manpower)
- Law enforcement
- Information Technology (network administration, software design and development)
- Support Services (customer service, administrative assistance)
- Sales and business development (product management, retail and wholesale)
- Engineering
- Education (teaching, school administration and other related support services)

Job-seekers can look for positions in these and other industries at any time by going to Jobs Charlotte NC


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